Type accents, symbols, IPA and Greek in any Windows application

Keyferret is a simple way to type characters that you don’t normally find on your keyboard, in any Windows application, using the Right Alt (AltGr) key. For example:

  • Type “a” then RAlt+’ to get “á”
  • Type “1/2” then RAlt+Space to get “½”
  • Type “=” then RAlt+/ to get “≠”
  • While holding down RAlt, keep pressing “d” to get “ð“, “°“ (degree), “†” (dagger), “‡” (double dagger), or “♦” (diamond), releasing when you have the symbol you want.


  • It’s free.
  • Interactive help: hold RAlt and it’ll show you what symbol you are inserting, or what other keys are available.
  • Intuitively enter all characters required by any language using the Latin alphabet.
  • Symbols for currencies, dashes, proper quotes, maths, arrows, subscripts/superscripts, ringed letters and numbers, and more.
  • Implements selectable alternate layouts for entering IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) characters and Greek (modern and ancient).
  • If you don’t press RAlt, your keyboard works just as before.
  • If you’re up for it, you can edit the layout file to add other layouts, symbols and characters.
  • Designed for US and UK keyboards. If you want it to work for other keyboards it should probably have a modified layout file.


  • For good security reasons, it won’t work in an application with elevated security, such as an installer.
  • It can only show characters in your font. If you enter a character not in the current font then programs will often do a good job of trying to find a substitute font, and although Microsoft Word has a habit of changing font permanently if it finds a really unusual character, Keyferret employs some tricks to try to stop that interfering with your typing.
  • It can only replace characters you’ve just typed, because it works by remembering your most recent keypresses.